InterServer’s in house customer portal features

InterServer’s customer portal at provides a lot addons included in the price. Many of these are for VPS’s (kvm/openvz) or InterServer quickservers. Here is a small list of features:

1) Backup creation – under system management under the VPS you can create a backup of a running VPS. For KVM there is no downtime, and with openvz there is a small amount of downtime for backups. These are stored on interserver cloud storage systems and does not count toward your space usage. These backups can be restored onto a new VPS or a reinstall with the same VPS.

2) Server monitoring – under the monitoring tab in you can monitor an external IP address for services like ping or httpd. Email can be sent on failure.

3) DNS Control – using cdns1/cdns2/ under -> domains -> dns manager create and manage your own dns records. These dns servers are geo distributed (NJ and LA). Great for a small vps looking to lower memory usage by not running a separate dns server.

4) Reboot / stop / start and reinstall under system management.

5) Out of band VNC – KVM only – set up vnc to connect out of band to your system. You can connect even if networking is down on your VPS. A similar feature coming soon for openvz.

6) Tons of OS choices available now – Gentoo / Centos / Debian / Ubuntu / Windows 2008/2012 and more.

7) Purchase additional harddrive space – under system management. You don’t need to add additional slices to increase just disk space on your VPS.

8) Add additional slices – under system management. Increase cpu / memory / disk space and bandwidth limit all at once.

All of the above can be done with out contacting support for assistance.

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