Fighting spam and confirming opt in info

InterServer monitors our entire network with feedback loops to many large email providers, so we are quickly on top of possible spam issues especially snow shoe spam. Our requirements are clear: lists must be double opt in, sending mail on multiple ips is a no no, and to close a spam complaint just include the opt in info. In most cases everything is cleared up easily. Of course, the spammers will try to submit opt in info to try to close the complaint. Normally its pretty cut and dry. The other day I got some obvious fake opt in info. With the help of the parties listed in the opt in info, another spammer bit the dust.

The spam complaints coming in were for mortgage refinance with opt in info listed for A glance at listed a truste verified privacy policy and contacts with no relation to mortgage refinances at all.

My first question:

How are you related to
and explain how you are properly following the listed privacy policy which
is verified by Truste at,-LLC/validation?rid=1bd7a05a-9faf-4400-bf7f-4ccc3a19b3c6

Their response:

Franchise Gator, LLC does not Sell, Rent or Share your information without
your consent. Your information goes only to the companies that you request
it be sent to. We are one of those companies.

And what did franchise gator say:

We have no relationship with anyone at XXX* nor do we have any knowledge about “Exclusive Refi Rates”.

Our services are strictly for individuals looking for information from Franchise businesses, and we only share information with those businesses our users have explicitly requested information from.

We do not sale or share user information with ANYONE except for those businesses.

I have attempted to contact XXX* to insist that they stop using our information as a rebuttal for the SPAM they are sending out.

Once more, we do not have any affiliation with this company nor have we shared information with them. Furthermore, we do not show that we have EVER had a request from user*

* personal information removed.

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