CentOS 6.2 and libvirt startup issues

After the centos 6.2 update I noticed libvirt was not running on some servers. Looking at the logs I found

Starting libvirtd daemon: 10:35:16.697: 6933: info : libvirt version: 0.9.4, package: 23.el6_2.1 (CentOS BuildSystem <http://bugs.centos.org>, 2011-12-17-16:39:59, c6b4.bsys.dev.centos.org)
10:35:16.697: 6933: error : virNetServerMDNSStart:460 : internal error Failed to create mDNS client: Daemon not running


Further investigation found avahi was needed for this to work. The final fix was running


yum -y install avahi
/etc/init.d/messagebus restart
/etc/init.d/avahi-daemon restart
/etc/init.d/libvirtd restart
/sbin/chkconfig messagebus on
/sbin/chkconfig avahi-daemon on

In centos 6.2 restarting libvirt will not restart the vm’s. Once done libvirt was running again.



12 thoughts on “CentOS 6.2 and libvirt startup issues”

  1. hi guys, thanks for the fix 🙂
    but i got another error with libvirt on Centos 6.2:
    “error : 911 : virNetSocketReadWire : End of file while reading data: Input/output error”
    Has someone ever heard about this one?

    1. Correct, not required and can be disabled. At least in earlier releases it was not required and appears to have been changed to be a requirement unless manually disabled.

      Initially when I installed CentOS6 I removed avahi with no problems. But in future releases an update required it to be on but could be disabled with mdns_adv=0 in the config.

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